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Chlorinator and blue solution tank

What can a chlorination system do for you?

  • kill harmful bacteria like E. coli
  • kill harmless iron and sulfur bacteria
  • oxidize iron so that it can be more easily and completely removed
  • oxidize hydrogen sulfide to get rid of the rotten egg smell
  • help meet state requirements for limited use water systems (for example: mobile home parks, campgrounds, and churches)

Please click if you would like to go straight to a slideshow of our installed chlorination systems.

If a residential well tests positive for bacteria, then we recommend going through the following steps before considering ongoing sanitation:

  1. Look over our common cause checklist by clicking here: Common Causes of Bacterial Contamination in Residential Wells.
  2. Address anything that applies using the suggested solution in the checklist or by hiring a well professional.
  3. Sanitize the well using these instructions: Well Sanitizing Instructions.
  4. Once the chlorine has been thoroughly flushed from the system, collect another sample for bacteria testing.

For most wells, that solves the problem.  Unfortunately, some wells repeatedly test positive for bacteria and require ongoing sanitation to make the water safe to drink.  The water sanitizing options that we offer are chlorination and ultra violet light.  Please click here for more information about our UV light systems.

Chlorination is a simple and reliable way to kill bacteria.  We sell LMI Uni-Dose electronic metering pumps paired with either a 15 or 35 gallon solution tank.

Click to access the Unidose Chlorine Injector Data Sheet and the Unidose Chlorine Injector Manual.

We recommend following a chlorination system with a carbon filter to remove the chlorine and chlorination byproducts, leaving you with water that is safe to drink and tastes great.  Carbon filters are available as a cartridge that should be changed regularly or as a backwashing filter that cleans itself.

Below is a slideshow of some of our installed chlorination systems:

  • Unidose Chlorine Injector on a white solution tank next to a black backwashing Carbon Filter with a Fleck 2510 Valve


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