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Fleck 2510AIO Iron FilterFleck 2510 and Fleck 2510AIO

  • Oxidizes dissolved iron so that it can be removed
  • Filters out both particulate and dissolved iron
  • No more iron means no more orange water and no more staining
  • Helps treat iron bacteria by removing their food source
  • Removes sand, clay, and other sediments
  • Oxidizes and removes manganese to eliminate black powdery deposits
  • The Fleck 2510AIO system also removes hydrogen sulfide

Click to access an Iron Breaker Pamphlet (Iron Breaker is another name for the Fleck 2510 AIO system).  Here are some details on Fleck 2510 AIO – Programming and Installation and the 2510 Service Manual.

Please follow this link if you would like to watch a video showing how to reset the time on your iron filter.

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