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ANALYSIS PACKAGE                                                                                     PRICE
(Click the package name to access sampling instructions specific to that package.)

A. THE BASIC: Total Coliform / E. coli Analysis (Microbiology)                   $ 30.00

B. FILTER SURVEYIron, pH, Tannins, Hardness, Turbidity                       $ 45.00

C. WELL SURVEYTotal Dissolved Solids, Iron, Calcium, pH, Tannin,      $ 85.00
Hardness, Turbidity, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Total Coliform Bacteria

D. HEALTH SURVEY Lead, Copper, Iron, Nitrates, Sulfates,                      $ 150.00
 Chlorides, Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Turbidity,
Hardness, Calcium, Sodium, Tannins, and Total Coliform Bacteria

This package includes all 21 volatile organic compounds on the
Florida DEP drinking water list.

F. FHA/VA: Lead, Nitrate, and Total Coliform Bacteria                                  $ 125.00

1) All prices based on client collecting the sample.
2) Quantity discounts are available.
3) Rush analysis subject to 50 – 100% surcharge.
4) Sample collection services are available.
5) Individual and additional analytes available.

Click for a printable list of these analysis packages.

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