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Private Homes This water conditioner can save you time and money. It increases the effectiveness of soaps and detergents and the efficiency of washing machines and hot water heaters. By eliminating scale, the Vulcan decreases the amount of time needed to clean kitchens and bathrooms. Laundry is softer and dishes are cleaner.
Pools Vulcan water treatment prolongs the life and improves the performance of filters, pumps, and heat exchangers. Without scale, smaller amounts of cleaning agents, sanitizing products and pH adjusters are needed to keep your pool looking beautiful.
Solar Water Heating Using this electronic descaler on your solar water heating system reduces valve malfunctions and maintenance visits. It keeps all inner surfaces cleaner and eliminates the need to circulate acids. This is an environmentally friendly solution that can quickly pay for itself.
Agriculture Vulcan water treatment prevents clogging of irrigation equipment. It eliminates scale buildup on leaves, which can interfere with photosynthesis. The scale-free water produced by this system has a lower surface tension and is easier for plants to absorb.
Farming Vulcan lowers operating and maintenance costs. It keeps incubators, drinking cones, and cooling panels cleaner. Humidification and heating systems perform more efficiently.
Poultry Farms Vulcan keeps equipment cleaner and free of scale blockages. It reduces biofilms and can lead to healthier animals.
Industry Vulcan increases the life of production equipment and improves energy efficiency. Cleaning processes are easier, less frequent, and require less chemicals. There is no production loss during installation.
Cooling Towers and Chillers Vulcan lowers operating costs and increases the life of equipment. It reduces maintenance, water consumption, and the need for chemicals. Here is a user study showing before and after pictures of a Vulcan cooling tower installation in Japan. Ackuritlabs, Inc. also recorded measurements and observations before and after installing a Vulcan S25 on a cooling tower at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering.
Hospitality Vulcan reduces cleaning time and the amount of cleaning agents needed. Water-fed appliances run more efficiently and last longer with less maintenance. In restaurants, the Vulcan system can make a drastic difference in scale deposits, bacterial growth, and unpleasant odors associated with grease traps. This is a user study that includes before and after pictures of a grease trap with a Vulcan system. This maintenance-free system can save time and money when installed at hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and RV parks.
Condominiums & Large Buildings Vulcan eliminates scale buildup and protects the plumbing system. This reduces the effort and expense associated with facility maintenance. Water-fed appliances operate more efficiently and reliably. This softener alternative requires no salt or maintenance, is simple to install and quickly pays for itself. If your facility has pools or cooling towers, please take a moment to read the information specific to those applications.
Educational Institutions Vulcan is great for laboratories, sports facilities, pools, cooling towers, dormitories, kitchens, and landscaping. This is a salt free alternative to softeners that prevents scale and gradually removes the existing encrustations in the plumbing system. Cleaning processes are quicker and easier with less chemical cleansing agents. The Vulcan system is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.
Medical Facilities Vulcan prevents scale buildup without salt, and therefore does not result in sodium rich water that can be hazardous to those with hypertension or other circulatory problems. The water produced by the Vulcan system is also less irritating to sensitive skin. Soaps, detergents and cleaning agents are more effective and can be used in smaller quantities. Water-fed equipment runs more efficiently and reliably. Installation is simple and does not require interruption of the water supply.
Marine Applications Vulcan is the eco-friendly solution to hard water that requires no salt, chemicals, or maintenance. It stops scale buildup and gradually removes existing deposits in engines, ballast tanks, potable water lines, and wastewater transport ways. The Vulcan system works perfectly with desalination, distillation, and reverse osmosis equipment. All water-fed equipment and appliances operate more efficiently and reliably. It is simple to install and quickly pays for itself.
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